Eton Radiator Valves

Eton Manual Radiator Valves

Traditional style valves - perfect for a traditional style radiator such as a cast iron radiator. These are very popular with our customers who have an eye for detail who want to get the traditional look spot on. The traditional wooden handles definitely set the vintage feel of the valves and definitely work well with the range of finishes - of which there is a choice of 10: Chrome, Satin brushed nickel, brass, Black Nickel, Pewter (our favourite), Old English brass, Antique Brass, Nickel, Antique Copper and Un-lacquered Brass. All our valves are very hardwearing, being made of brass, and come with a 6 year manufacturer’s warranty and our 14 day money back offer. Using an adapter or reducer increases their versatility by allowing them to be fitted to a wider range of pipework - contact us if you have any questions about your installation. Next working day delivery is available across the range - free delivery is available on all orders over £100 + VAT.

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