Air Vents and Blanking Plugs

Air vents are designed to allow your radiator to be bled to release any trapped air (Is your radiator cold at the top and hot at the bottom? It most probably needs bleeding). At West we stock two types of air vent: a stylish, modern hexagonal one and a flush-fitting flat style vent. The flat fitting style comes with a choice of chrome, white or brushed nickel covering caps. These caps effectively hide the valves to give the radiator a clean look. Our flat radiator air vents are available as part of a kit, which includes matching blanking plugs and caps.

Radiator blanking plugs are used to shut off the opposite side of the air vent. We have two styles - a hexagonal plug and a flat plug. These plugs are an essential component of both radiator installation and on-going maintenance. The flat radiator kit has a flat blanking plug that can be fitted with a radiator blanking cap. These caps come in brushed nickel, chrome and white finishes, to match your radiators finish.