Guide to radiator valves

Everything you need to know and more

Correctly fitting Realm valves to your heating system

We have previously discussed the topic of radiator hammer, explaining that the noise is generated by allowing water flow over the thermostatic valve pin in the wrong direction. This brief post explains how to fit any of our Realm thermostatic radiator valves to your heating system correctly. We are using a corner body as an […]

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What To Do About Radiator Hammer & Other System Noises

We were recently asked a question, Is this a soft close valve? Usually the term ‘soft-close’ is used in reference to toilet seats, cabinet doors or drawers; further correspondence with this customer determined that they had problems with banging noises on their central heating system, and were wondering if a softer-closing valve might help with […]

Take A Simple Step Towards Preparing For Winter With Thermostatic Radiator Valves

With winter setting in fast it has left as all feeling a little unprepared. Just like squirrels gathering nuts we need a ‘nesting’ period in order to feel prepared to face the cold weather. This usually slow period seems to have come and gone in a flash, and winter has now arrived. A simple solution […]

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