Electric Elements

These electric elements convert any standard towel rail into a mains powered, electric heated towel rail instead of a central heating fed rail. The benefits of this are that the rails can be turned on or off as required, meaning you dont have to turn on your entire central heating system when you just want warm towels. Nor do you have to wait for the system to heat up and get the rails up to their running temperature. A knock-on benefit of this is that you can have warm towels all year round - you wouldnt want to turn your entire central heating on in the summer when you just want a warm towel. These mains powered rails will therefore save you money on your heating bills as you can isolate them and heat just the rail independently from the central heating.

These heating elements are finished to a very high standard and come in two types: a standard electric element or a thermostatic electric element.

The standard electric element is designed to warm up to an optimum temperature of 60C to 65C. The heat output then tapers off and it will automatically maintain this temperature. It is important to use the right sized element; otherwise you may under or over-heat your rail. Either way you will not be running the rail, or the element, at their optimal temperature or operating conditions. This could result in damage to either one. Please call us to if you have any questions regarding what size element you need for your rail.

The thermostatic electric element is a variable heating element. It has a 5 LED light display and three buttons: on/off, temperature up and temperature down. Each LED light represents a temperature setting for the heating element, starting at 30C and ending at 60C. You simply set the desired temperature for your towel warmers using the buttons and the heating elements will warm to that temperature. They also have an antifreeze function that will prevent the liquid in the rail freezing if the temperature drops below 5 - 7C.

Both of these types of rail element can be used in dual fuel installations. Where possible, we will provide dual fuel ranges as an option for towel warmers. The benefit of dual fuel is that you can use both central heating, during colder months, and just the electric elements, during the warmer months - if you require an isolated unit to function independently. You will note, we offer a dual fuel T-piece. Dual fuel rail ranges will help to keep heating costs down while maintaining optimum functionality.